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Absolute path of a directory Asynchronous non-blocking code Change schema Clear after floatable elements Client IP in WCF service Client IP in web service Clipboard and STA issues Compact VHD in Windows 7 Concurrent user sessions in Windows 7 Convert files to UTF8 Copy files from ISO to flash drive Create database for membership provider Creating invariant code contract Current path in a library Custom code using transactions Disabling Adobe updater Distributed queries with Excel Empty textarea and XSL Encode HTML characters in desktop application Entire page XSL transform Error with EventLog.SourceExists() File length of FILESTREAM Font '?' cannot be found Generate service model metadata Get column names Insert empty FILESTREAM row Listbox contains less elements than DataSource Logging LINQ to SQL queries Mail stuck in queue ManagedPipelineHandler bad module Maximum message size quota in WCF Microsoft SQL unavailable in PHP 5.3.1 Migrate a SVN repository to a new server Modify output before sending Oracle not working on 64bit platform Ordering properties, methods, etc. PageRequestManagerServerErrorException Remove all Windows backups Silverlight UI doesn't update when expected SimpleXMLElement toString SQLite is not loaded despite being included in php.ini SSPI authentication failed with WCF Time sync with internet on a domain controller Trace to console Trace to file TraceSource documentation Two AJAX requests at the same time Unable to add user to a group Unhandled Error in Silverlight Application Update DataSourced listbox when data changes Visual Studio 2010 not loading website WCF service constantly in fault state

The knowledge base issues list some of the documented issues encountered in different domains related to programming or system administration.

Initially, the list of issues was used internally, then we decided to publish it.

If you are interested in the project, you may want to download the source code from the SVN.

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