Design &

  • Original design for an original website
  • Ergonomics and user experience research
  • Photographs shot specifically for your website

Requirements &

  • Database design optimized for a specific context
  • System architecture assessement
  • Audit and validation of existing architecture
Lakai Galleries is one of the products of Pelican Design & Development and is a perfect example of code quality and performance. With its source code available publicly, it allows you to asset the quality of our work.

You are

  A company
Pelican Design & Development acts in a broad set of fields. It consists not only in creating websites, but also in designing custom software products, collaboration and sharing platforms, doing audits of existent products or optimize them, to improve ergonomics or to study at early stages a project which will be later done by other companies.
  An individual
Haven't you ever dreamed of a piece of software made just for your specific needs and simplifying your daily life? Pelican Design & Development can develop customized products according to the precise requirements, intended to improve your daily productivity or to assist you in your spare-time activities. Pelican Design & Development can also deal with training and assistance, or visually design your resumés, slides or other documents.
  A developer
Not only Pelican Design & Development has frequent opportunities for freelancers or students looking for a job, but we are also offering training courses on demand. We also have a bunch of services for developers: code review, audit, normalization, etc. Finally, we are opened to any proposal of long term working partnership both in France and abroad.

Our services

Our core competency is development. We can do or participate to the projects scaling from the smallest and the cheapest to the large-scale projects requiring to follow classic software development models, containing requirements, design and architecture, testing and validation, documentation, deployment and maintenance. We can also participate to the existent projects or realize specific tasks like audit, migration of a codebase from one language to another, etc.


  • April 27th 2011Checklists FR
    The checklists can be used while creating the requirements or asset an existent service. It can also be used in different processes, such as code review. In future, the checklists area will be extended in order to let everyone to create and publish the checklists.
  • February 17th 2012Refactoring
    A new blog post explains how to refactor legacy source code. Through an example of an application written a few years ago and not maintained since it was written, this blog post shows the consecutive changes to the key parts of the source code in order to make them more readable, add databinding to a Windows Forms application, etc.
  • February 12th 2012PHP Compiler
    The website describes the project of PHP compiler intended to transform and minify the PHP/EHP source code, gives the ability to test the source code on the fly, contains the code examples and explains how to call the service from PHP itself. The website related to the web service itself contains the documentation describing the API.
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